Our Benefits

Advertising with our trailers

Have confidence that your target audience SEES YOUR AD!

Our mobile video digital advertising trailers will catch your target audience’s attention better than many other advertising means. Our Mobile video billboards can’t be turned off, fast forwarded, thrown out or ignored. Your audience do not have to buy and read a newspaper or magazine. Your ads do NOT require your customer to change the TV or radio channel. Your ads do not allow your customers to walk to the fridge or HOP through commercials.

Don’t wait for your target audience to go see your ad, we’ll take your ads where they are.

The biggest benefit of our mobile video digital advertising trailers is the areas you can target. With traditional, stationary billboards, your ad is displayed where the digital billboard stand exists. With us, you can have our exclusive trailers driven through specific areas at specific times of the day, park at specific locations to act as a stationary digital billboard, or a combination of the two. This gives you full control over who sees your billboard and when – it allows you to target your audience based on geographical locations.

Don’t waist money delivering your message

In today’s tough economy, businesses need the most efficient and effective way to get their message out. Compared to traditional media, our mobile video digital advertising trailers has the lowest cost per impression. For the cost of one full page ad in a newspaper you can have our mobile video digital advertising trailers for a month! Our Mobile rates are the fraction of the cost of TV or radio and substantially lower than a static/digital billboard. We have flexible options to meet your needs and budget.

Mobile Video Digital Advertising Trailers and Radio Advertising
We give our clients the best of both worlds – mobile video digital advertising trailers and free Radio Advertising. No more splitting your advertising budget to reach your customers. Since we provide mobile video digital advertising trailers and free radio advertising we can reach that lucrative 25 – 35 year old demographic easily. When they are cruising in their cars or relaxing at home listening to digital radio your ad is still reaching them with your free radio ads. All this at ONE LOW PRICE!
Deliver a “WOW” factor while caravaning 2 to more trailers based on your customized route.