Mobile Digital Billboards That Work

We put your ad in front of your customers where they work and play. No contracts or commitments. Excellent for small business owner’s to major corporations. Mobile digital billboards are the future of advertising. Digital Ad Concepts have a plan to fit your budget. No budget is too small for us. We’ll find a way to get your business in front of your customers.

Vehicle Video Billboard Advertising

Our trailers consist of (2) 75″ HD display screens providing visuals on both sides of our trailers including (1) 40″ HD display screen on the rear for back visuals. Our trailers are  pulled by our independent hired vehicles.

Our compact Video Billboard advertising trailers gives you immediate access to exclusive areas that larger format mobile billboards or fixed billboards cannot reach. Our compact video billboards are also perfect for city streets, crowded shopping strips and even highways. It grabs your customer’s attention much more efficiently than fixed position billboard advertising. Video animation is colorful and full of attention getting frames. Our independent hired vehicles transport our advertising trailers round the Atlanta Metro Area. Our ads provide an excellent street-level visual during day and night.

Video Billboards Formats

Shared Time Mobile Digital Video Billboards

All video ads (spots) will run 10 or 30 seconds in duration. Our advertising shifts are 10 hours compared to our competitors who only provide 8 hours or less. More hours means more eyes on your campaign. Also, you can run your ad as many times as you desire (based on your budget) during our 10 hours daily shifts.

Exclusive Mobile Digital Video Billboards

You will get Exclusive time to Advertiser your business on our trailer. Guaranteed to play only your exclusive spot the full 10 hour day. Daily and custom rates per trailer available.

Stationary Mobile Digital Video Billboards

Rent our trailers for non-mobile stationary location. Rentals are available for 24 hours.

Real-time Artwork Changes

The cost of producing our digital billboard is far more competitive, as there are no posters or materials such as paper or vinyl required. You’ll also save money by not having to print your ads, and this can help to optimize the profitability of your campaign.

Digital billboard campaigns also tend to be shorter and more impactful, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to book an advertising slot for weeks or months. This is highly beneficial from a cost and profitability perspective, while it’s ideal if you need to promote time-sensitive or limited offers to a local audience. This increases efficiency and reduces wastage, while the striking visual nature of our digital billboards is also sure to have a greater impact in the minds of consumers.

Ask how you can DOUBLE your Advertising Campaign


Atlanta’s #1 Hip Hop Internet Radio Station


Atlanta Da Pulse and Atlanta Da Pop are fast becoming Atlanta’s most listen to radio stations. The internet has dominated our lives and our internet platform is already in the hands of 90% of all consumers. That means they have easy access to our stations. With the power of Bluetooth and unlimited data plans listeners are logging on and staying tuned.

Why do people listen to our stations?
Simple, FREE SPEECH! The FCC on the AM/FM band controls what people can hear and see. They force the AM/FM stations to play watered down (clean versions) which is censorship. Because we use the internet platform we can play the original versions of the artist songs. This allows the listener to get the full expression of the heart of the artist without any censorship from the FCC. Our listeners appreciate us following our 1st Amendment rights to free speech by giving them the original versions. They can listen to “knockoff” music on the FM stations or the original versions with us. Our research shows over 70% of listeners want the original versions. The full heart and soul of the artist.